Saturday, December 22, 2012

Neocom 2.7.1

As always, after the new major upgrade of EVE Online, having trouble of adaptation. In the application all the time there was a bug in the section Assets. Application crashes if asset cannot be found in the EVE database dump. It happened with the Christmas gifts from CPP.

Now about the problem with Checking Server Status. Checking the server status to be repeated when the cache time expires. Perhaps i should not have much hope for it. Theoretically could be situations where the update took place almost immediately.
Currently all these bugs are fixed and the update waits for review from apple.

P.S. I think it's time to open a Neocom facebook group.


  1. Came here to tell you about the asset problem but it sounds like you already know about it. Any chance we can just return "unknown item" when a similar situation occurs? I can't see why you would need it at this point, but let me know if you want the crash info. Thanks for all your hard work on Neocom.


  2. Re the FB group - not into FB...too many ex-wives find me that way!

    Nice work on the neocom interface and keeping up with the CCP updates. This is still my number 1 used app on the iphone (its the only reason I have stayed with the iFail). I keep donating on each significant update as I appreciate the work that goes into this app (no this is not your wife).

  3. Neocom has been a very useful, and very helpful software for its users. There are many other helps at as well. Thanks a lot for sharing this information with others at this platform.