Monday, October 22, 2012

Refactoring Background Task Manager

I received a lot of complaints on the Activity Indicator, which does not disappear for a long time. I decided to completely rewrite it from scratch. Now there shouldn't be hung tasks. Also you can now see what is happening at the moment.
Update will be available next month.


  1. I personally never complained about this even though I wondered about it. Great of you to fix this, thank you!

  2. Looking forward to this. Although I have an additional problem which I'm hoping will be fixed in the next version. My skill queue is never correctly updated. It just says whether or not the skill queue is active or not, but never gives me a time remaining. I've tried generating different APIs to no effect. This has been the case for quite a while. (I've already donated 3 times, so I assume its not related to that).

    Looking forward to the next version. Great app!

  3. Hi,
    Check your device date and time. Also try to clear cache (go to About and tap on Clear button). If it doesn't help, email me, please, your API Key and vCode. I will check it myself.

    1. Changing the clock to a 24 hour display (i.e. 16:30) solved the problem. Don't really like it that way normally, but I suppose its a small sacrifice to make sure that I'm up to date on the time left in the skill queue.

  4. I have this problem too with Neocom on my iPad where the skill training time always shows as zero when the clock is set to use 12 hour instead of 24 hour. Could this be a bug? I use an app called Dusk on my iPhone to check my skill training time and that works fine with a 12 hour clock. Any chance of a fix for this problem in Neocom? That would be great :)

    EVE Online - Wolfie Fox