Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EVEUniverse 2.5.0 Released 01 May 2012

What's New:
  • Fit price calculation.
  • POS fitting engine.
  • Skill planner training time fix.
  • Fits exporting.


  1. The new version messed up with the sorting in the market view, it's neither sorted by price, nor by location. I would like to see this fixed soon as the over-regional market view was always a strong point of this app :)

  2. Same problem here

  3. I am having a problem now where trying to select modules with the fitting tool causes the loading icon to display indefinitely (wifi or 3G, not a connection issue) and prohibits any other app function after it occurs.

    1. I'm having the same problem on my 3rd gen iPod Touch. The first time you try to select a module you have to wait about 2 minutes. The second time, the list of modules just never appears.
      Please fix this soon, as the fitting tool is one of the best features of the app.

    2. I have same problem.

      POS fiting works fine.

      But when I create new ship fit and select high slot, only empty page with "loading" icon apear.

      Same problem when loading saved fit and try to change module.

  4. Any plans for being able to create skill plans from within the app without having to import from evemon? Like how it is possible to create a fit without having to import one.

    Great app nonetheless, keep up the good work.

  5. Same problem for me with the fitting windows. The module takes minutes to load or doesn't load at all. However the rigs list seems to pull up with little issue.

    Also at the last comment about skill plans. You don't have to import anymore. Go to an item in the data base and add the skills needed for your plan there. That part worksgreat!

  6. Great app but new versions having same problems as above on 3rd gen iPod touch.

    Also, any plans to have market orders a trader I have multiple orders on the market but have to scroll thru my old fufilled orders to see the newer ones. Maybe sort them into groups to separate sell and buy orders and filter out old ones

  7. Also having the fitting mod problems, would love to see this fixed soon as this is the only current eve fitting app, or at least The only one I could find. Brilliant app though keep it up

  8. Any word of an update for inferno changes and a fix of the fitting tool errors?

  9. 20 Minutes to fit ship not cool , as above fitting tool problem os:4.22 love the rest thou

  10. Having a problem where the app keeps spinning and my skill queue isn't accurate. Skill queue shows: "0s (1 skills in queue)". When I go into my skill queue it says "Training queue is inactive", even though I am currently training a skill. I was going to donate/upgrade to the non-ad version (which I've already done more than once), but don't want to unless I can be sure this isn't a problem with the non-ad version.