Monday, February 20, 2012

EVEUniverse 2.3.0 Released 23 February 2012

What's new:
  1. Skill planner.
    You can import your skill plan from EVE Mon (open Skill Planner section and press edit button).
  2. EVE Mail.
    Sometimes the server may return the old mails, which may be unread by mistake.
  3. Assets browser
    You can use search bar and filter options for advanced assets searching. For example, you can find all your battlecruisers. Just type 'battlecruiser' in search bar. Also you can open your ship in Fitting tool from assets browser.
Notes for directors and CEO's:
  • loading corp assets can take very long time (up to few minutes, depending on the number of assets, internet connection speed and Device performance);
  • you can add Location access mask to group assets by POS location;


  1. I approve of this product and/or service. However I have a few things to suggest:
    1. Mail - With this and the upcoming skill planner this app will be everything that I use in a day.
    2. Compare Tool - I know this feature just came out in game, but it would be a great addition to this app and might make me use this app over eft and evemon both.
    3. Asset viewing - I saw you hint at this in the comments on another topic and it would be really appreciated. Be sure to include a basic search feature!
    4. Contract viewing - Would help calculate costs for faction items that are not on the market.

    So those are my suggestions right now, and now I have a question. In the fitting tool what is the difference between sustained and reinforced regen in the shield/armor/hull area? Do the repair modules actually repair more based on how much tank is left?

    1. I should probably read the original post first. Take 1 and 3 off of my list

    2. 2. Difficult to implement it in a small iPhone screen.
      4. EVE API don't provide global contracts statistic. So that i can't know the price of factional items.

      Reinforced - this is your tank without taking into account your actual capacitor balance.
      Sustained - this is your actual average tank.

  2. im so exited for 1) Skill planer
    when will it be released?

    1. Skill planner implemented in next update. I hope Apple will approve this update on this week.

  3. I've just upgraded to this version, but sadly it seems to have broken my install. I'll try an uninstall/redownload to see if that resolves it. I've got an old 3G iPhone so it tends to buckle under the pressure of actually doing some processing.
    - SS

  4. Ok first off I love this app I think it's great and so easy to use and very useful I just have one suggestion that I've seen in other eve apps that would complete this and make it the ultimate eve app. Have you considered having something along the lines of a manufacturing calculator? Just food for thought but a great app nonetheless!

  5. Love the update! You may want to emphasize that EVEMon plans must be exported as XML by choosing that filetype from the dropdown, rather than the default emp format. It's mentioned, but I missed it the first time.

    Any plans to be able to import fittings from EFT?

  6. Also, for my purposes it would actually be better if the Skill Planner did *not* collapse multiple levels of a skill into a single row. There are places in my plan where I want to train a skill to level IV next month, then come back and take it V the following year, but EVE Universe shows it as training to V off the bat.

  7. This was an awesome update! Thank you for the EVE Mail and Asset viewing and being able to see my ships and their actual fittings and contents is phenomenal. It would be so awesome if somehow you could import the 3d models of all the ships so we could have ship-spinning on-the-go :-)

    Also, it would be nice if CCP would allow the API to view the actual in-game market of whatever region your character is located in.

    This is a 5/5 star App!

  8. I just donated 5 $ for this update alone. EVE Universe is the single most useful EVE app I've ever seen - and I downloaded them all so I know what I'm talking about.

    Keep up the great work and thanks so much!

    1. One thing I miss though: RESEARCH! Please add a 'Research' menu in the next update where one can check the current RP/day and R&D agents working for the character.