Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EVEUniverse 2.1.0 Released 17 January 2012

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This update includes a database update to include all the items introduced in Crucible.
Also introducing a completely new fitting engine which allows for the following:
- Fleet Members
- Fleet Boosters
- WH-Space Effects

And first bugs:
Some attributes of the ship can be incorrectly calculated (in t3 ships this is resistances and ehp). I fixed it, but will have to wait a week until Apple approves the updat.
Fits created in previous version have incorrect modules states. You must chage states manualy. I apologize for the inconvenience :(


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for this, this is an awesome application.
    But the new fitting manager has some bugs :)

    Prerequirements are not calculated right.
    It tells me i am able to use citadel launchers (wich i need 12 days of skilling for) and tells me i cant use some basic shield modules (wich i for sure can use).

    In the details/information of the module, it sees the prerequirements and green checks, this display is correct (also for the missile launchers).

    But when in the fitting overview, it is not correct.

    Also i am unable to see POS status (it has allways been like that) even tho i entered a corp key.

    1. You can be misled.
      Prerequirements are calculated for selected EVE Account, not for selected fitting character. If you select on menu-screen Character1 and select on fitting screen Character2, prerequirements will be calculated for Character1.
      What about POS, can you mail me on your Corp API Key? I want to test it. Maybe i don't know something about API Keys.

    2. Sadly i have only one character defined in the application (just checked that).
      It tells me for some modules that i cant use that i can use them, and the other way around for others.
      But its not 'inverted' for all.

      I'll send screenshots with that :) and the corp api key.

      I tried the api key myself, it worked :)
      You have a list of POS'es, and in there itemid's wich give you details about the pos (wich the most important one is the remaining fuel to me).

  2. Only a little buggy atm, still a major improvement and a most welcome update! Keep up the great work Artem.

  3. Starting to get an error message on server. But eve is online.
    First time error has come up. Any known issues?? Has been working fine
    Since I updated.

  4. More detail on error

    Getting this error

    NSXML ParserErrorDomain error 65.

  5. Hi,
    did you also add Fuel Blocks for that POS Application?

    Thx in advance

  6. Russian: Спасибо за огромную проделанную работу. Надеюсь в новых версиях появится возможность проверять игровую почту.

  7. Hey Artem,

    Really great update! I especially appreciate the fix for running the app without an Internet connection. It really helps us iPod/iPad users.

    It seems as though you have some more work to do with the latest Eve update. Module changes and the Assault ships getting an extra low slot.

    Thanks for the work on the app!

    Glad you added the ability to donate for the app after the initial donation to remove the adds. I made sure to do that as well.

  8. DPS calculations don't seem to be working for me .... Which is a shame because apart from that ... The app is immaculate

  9. Actually I take it back ship fitting totally borked importing from battleclinic fine but any module Chang adds to CPU until

  10. iPad user.

    The main problem that I am having since the update is that the DPS, CPU, Powergrid, Capacitor figures do not update when in a fitting, you have to close the app and re-launch to get the correct figures. Also when removing modules the CPU, Powergrid and resistances figures do not adjust correctly, again closing and re-opening seems to re-calculate and display the correct numbers. I have also noticed that if you try to view a T3 fitting that was put together before the update, the app crashes.