Thursday, June 9, 2011

EVEUniverse 1.2.1 Released 07 Jun 2011

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What's new:
  1. Fixed critical bugs in fitting tool.


  1. So thank you again for creating this app.

    I find myself using slot of the features.

    1 thing though, is there any chance that there is local time for skill que going to created?

    Example ; the app might say you have 13 days 6 hours 38 minutes 13 seconds left. But right below it - could it say. Done on Monday July 26, 2011 at 18:40 local.

    It's just I'm lazy and would like to know

    If you ever want to try your english on a podcast just let me know ;)


  2. Hi Jason,
    Thank you for your interest.
    I will think to add it in the next version.

    But my spoken english is very bad to participate in the podcast.


  3. if indeed add the local thing will you make it to the local for that specific country or where you are situated atm? example if you in england it'll show england time as local

  4. To avoid mistakes, eveuniverse displays the time in EVE local time.

  5. I must commend you on making the fastest loading, yet most featured EVE app on iOS right now (though I haven't used iEVEStatus yet- I will be able to once I get my new phone, but the screenshot doesn't really suggest much).

    I feel I must call attention to something, though..

    I notice one review that, other than his scathing criticism of the inclusion of an in-app browser to retrieve API information, seems to be very positive, and yet he gave 2 stars.

    Now, I will agree that including an in-app browser is wary, and you should perhaps consider alternate methods of API input- one of which is using protocols, like I seem to recall Capsuleer having done and one of the more recent apps, as well - FlySafe, even though I utterly despise its interface and overall presentation.



    Like the old Capsuleer one (but, as you can see, a 'protocol' part appropriate for your app), and remove the browser to satisfy even the most paranoid of players. I imagine this could cause all the reviews to be 5-stars.

  6. Hi,

    I made a donation through the app to remove ads but it hasn't worked. I was billed by Apple but still the ads remain.

    Also, why is there a very long delay between switching screen? For example if I click skills and then go back to menu and immediately reselect skills there's a long spinner before the skills view is reloaded.

    I invite you to join other third party devs on in #eve-dev

  7. MCG Stormhawk APS,
    Thank you for your ideas. I will think about alternate method.

  8. Anonymous,
    Try to remove application from phone and reinstall.
    If you have already paid, the upgrade to the full version is free.
    What about switching screens - i will check it. Thank you.

  9. Hi !

    Receiving/writing evemail via your app would make a great new feature, especially with a notification system.

    *vibrate* - Oups, someone is shooting at my POS !

    I don't know if it is possible ..