Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update to Crucible is delayed.

I'm currently working on a new mathematical engine of the fitting tool. The new engine will support Fleet / Squad boosters and WH bonuses. So the update to include the new Crucible expansion items will be delayed until it is done.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Q: The update deleted my saved characters.
A: New version of EVEUniverse uses Customizable API Key. Old keys not supported already.

Q: When I add key to the iPhone I get error "Authentication failure".
A: Old keys not supported already. Also you cant use API Keys from test server You must create keys here

Q: When I add key to the iPhone I get error "Key has expired. Contact key owner for access renewal".
A: On the key creation screen check expiry date or set "No Expiry" checkbox.

Q: I updated the app and advertisements came back.
A: Make a donation again. Money is taken only one time. If you were paying earlier, the second time it will be free.

Q: How to fetch the corp data?
A: You must create corp API Key. Also your CEO must grant to you director rights. You can add both corp and char keys. In this case keys will be combined and you can fetch char and corp data simultaneously without switching accounts.

Returning ADS. Removing accounts.

I rewrote large part of the code in the new version. For these reasons, i had to reset all settings, including the result of the donation.
Do not worry! To remove the ads, simply make a donation again. Money is taken only one time. If you were paying earlier, the second time it will be free. Also if you have an iPhone and iPad, then you have to pay only on a first device. On the second device is to be free (on both devices you must use same Apple account). 
In this version implemented Customizable API Keys. So, all your previous API Keys is unsupported and will be removed from application. You must add new API Keys.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EVEUniverse 2.0.0 Released 20 September 2011

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  • Skill monitor
  • Items database
  • Market information
  • Contracts, market orders, wallet transactions and industry jobs information
  • Fitting tool
  • POS'es fuel information 
What's New in this Version:
  • iPad support.
  • Contracts section.
  • Advanced filter settings.
  • Customizable API Keys support.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fitting Tool Crashes

I analyzed the crash logs. Some implants and Warp Core Stabilizer may cause to crash. It will be fixed in 1.2.1.
Please submit your crash logs to Apple (iTunes does this automaticly). It's helps to find bugs.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

EVEUniverse 1.1.2 Released 22 April 2011

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What's new:
  1. Incursion 1.4 database
  2. Fixed some bugs in the database and character selection screen.
  3. Added training time on character selection screen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Save' button bug

For some API Keys 'Save' button can be inactive. You can try to generate a new apikey to solve this problem.
Valid API Key looks like:

Friday, February 25, 2011

EVEUniverse 1.1 Waiting For Review from Apple

  1. List of market orders for your character and corporation.
  2. List of wallet transactions for your character and corporation.
  3. List of industry jobs for your character and corporation.
  4. List of corporate POS'es and fuel quantity.
  5. Calculation of training time, required to use ships and equipments.
  6. Training time notifications.





Monday, February 14, 2011

EVEUniverse 1.0 Released 23 February 2011

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View your EVE Online characters and skills, browse EVE Online items database, analyze market information on your iPhone or iPod Touch.